Non-Residential Construction

A wide range of services for office, business, retail or manufacturing business.

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""Flawless execution!"

You can rely on Elmon to provide a wide range of electrical services for the non-residential construction industry regardless of whether this involves office space, commercial premises, a retail outlet or a manufacturing facility. Elmon can make suggestions for the layout of an entire electrical system. The customer's needs and requirements are incorporated into the preliminary design and – following approval – complete systems can then be supplied at competitive prices using KEMA-approved equipment for lighting, power, building management, intercom, data, telecommunications, burglar prevention and evacuation systems. All this in compliance with NEN standards! We provide the right value for money based on specifications of the customer.

Non-residential construction industry keywords:
lighting systems | power systems | building management systems | intercom systems | data systems | telecommunications systems | burglar prevention systems | evacuation systems

We have agreements in place with many customers for maintenance work, either scheduled or contract-based. We can be reached 24 hours per day and have our own servicing department.

Every project enquiry is handled based on a set workflow. A step-by-step plan outlines how a project will be scheduled and how it will be implemented as efficiently as possible. Project teams are put together as determined by the project in question under the supervision of a project manager. Projects are discussed in full with the installers so that everyone knows what is expected of them. Experience has taught that time invested in preparation is an investment well worth making. Elmon welcomes the opportunity to be part of larger teams on construction projects. This has the advantage that we can respond even more efficiently and effectively in the event of unforeseen situations. Moreover, it allows for better liaison between the various construction disciplines. In a team environment, construction partners can stay one step ahead of any problems because all team members have been contributing ideas from the outset.

Elmon pays particular attention to sizing and aesthetics. For example, installation components such as wall and telephone sockets are carefully selected to match one another and interior designs. Our non-residential construction industry installers are all-round professionals who are at home in all environments including both low- and high-voltage systems. Traditionally, a high priority has always been given to training and refresher courses to help maintain a consistently high level of quality.


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